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0xb2e0e166eaa21d7b9a47543f17aed83a45eb0c9f content_copy open_in_new
BSC:0xb2e0e166eaa21d7b9a47543f17aed83a45eb0c9f content_copy open_in_new
Status: Listed Votes: 1 Votes Today: 0 Network: BSC
Status Listed
Votes 1
Votes Today 0
Network BSC
AstroGp is a retro-gaming focused, hyper-deflationary & strongly community driven token. Being a fork of Minidoge, this project brings an innovative function called AutoBoost, which consists of giving a quantity of BNB to holders wallets depending on the amount of $ASTROGP coins held.
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Market Cap $31,949.2
Price $0.0000000000806234
Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000T
Burned Supply 603,723,000,000T
Circulating Supply 396,277,000,000T