BillionaireClub BLC

BSC Contract:
0xbbe2d11957aac3efe0c1b4fd8832650332e0aa44 content_copy open_in_new
BSC:0xbbe2d11957aac3efe0c1b4fd8832650332e0aa44 content_copy open_in_new
Status: Listed Votes: 76 Votes Today: 0 Network: BSC
Status Listed
Votes 76
Votes Today 0
Network BSC
BillionaireClub is a next generation deflationary token with a staking reward built on the Binance Smart Chain. Our target is simple, with our dedicated team and its great community, we will walk our way to the moon! We know momentum is important! So once launched we need lot of shill to ensure reach as much people as we can! Will be fair launched in under 24 hours!
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Market Cap $66.3011
Price $0.000000000000137967
Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000T
Burned Supply 519,442,000,000T
Circulating Supply 480,558,000,000T