Golden XRP


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0xda1e3320f73b2806e568f99e5a400020e965698a content_copy open_in_new
BSC:0xda1e3320f73b2806e568f99e5a400020e965698a content_copy open_in_new
Status: Listed Votes: 259 Votes Today: 0 Network: BSC
Status Listed
Votes 259
Votes Today 0
Network BSC
Let's face it, we've all had our fair share of losses in the BSC before, no matter how carefully you invest, you still have to go through a steep learning curve to be able to recognise value and legitimacy in projects. But even then, you may still lose money whether it's due to the dev's shadiness or sometimes simply because of missing the pump. GoldenXRP is here to make a change in the standard of BSC projects, as it aims to lead cryptocurrency into a golden era and provide both, short and long term profits for all investors by revolutionizing reward base utility as well as shortening the gap between the community and the developer team through sheer transparent work and open communication. After all, it's for the benefit of both parties that the token succeeds. Future long-term plans include Golden NFTs and Golden Game Arcade.
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Market Cap $168.589
Price $0.0000000168589
Total Supply 10,000,000T
Burned Supply 0
Circulating Supply 10,000,000T