Just Another Shitcoin

Just Another Shitcoin SHITCOIN

BSC Contract:
0x62a29f9c8c8530f559748cbbb29ee3d4826456f4 content_copy open_in_new
BSC:0x62a29f9c8c8530f559748cbbb29ee3d4826456f4 content_copy open_in_new
Status: Listed Votes: 1 Votes Today: 0 Network: BSC
Status Listed
Votes 1
Votes Today 0
Network BSC
Just Another Shitcoin (SHITCOIN) has been established to endorsing shitcoins and make fun of it. We have no actual agenda, no promises - actually we offering you SHIT. JUSTANOTHERAHITCOIN take the word shitcoins to the next level!
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Market Cap $385.626
Price $0.0000000000003938
Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000T
Burned Supply 20,756,800,000,000,000,000T
Circulating Supply 979,243,000,000,000,000,000T
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