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BSC:0xb255cddf7fbaf1cbcc57d16fe2eaffffdbf5a8be content_copy open_in_new
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Samari is a deflationary, community-powered charitable organization, that also offers a yield generating protocol – by holding $SAMA you will automatically receive more $SAMA. The 3% redistribution fee allows for passive income, which means, the more you hold, the more you shall receive! This is accomplished by charging a 10% tax on all transactions, from which 3% are redistributed to existing holders, 2% is added to the charity wallet, 1% to the marketing wallet and 5% to the liquidity pool, creating price support and stability. What is the utility of $SAMARI? Philanthropy is for the public good, focusing on quality of life. We – the community - wish to make a difference where it really counts by donating to local small charitable organizations, where bureaucracy doesn’t consume most resources. Whether it be for animal shelters, the ongoing global pandemic crisis, planet earth or an entirely different matter that could use a helping hand, we do not limit ourselves to a specific
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Market Cap $345.532
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Total Supply 1,273,630,000T
Burned Supply 552.1B
Circulating Supply 1,273,630,000T