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ETH:0x9f599410d207f3d2828a8712e5e543ac2e040382 content_copy open_in_new
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Network ETH
What Is A Tapcoin? Its easy, its a cryptocurrency that makes it possible for gamers to get paid to play! Tapcoins (‘TTT’) are digital tokens built on the Ethereum Blockchain. They are the foundation for blockchain gaming on the Tap Platform. Tapcoins allow gamers to transfer their in-game currency from one game to the next – making it possible to get “paid to play!” Tapcoins can be used on the Tap Platform to upgrade Tapkeys. Tapkeys provide access to Steam PC Gaming, and the Great NFT Hunt. Using Tapkeys in the Great NFT Hunt unlocks NFT Collectible Card Packs! Tapcoins are the native token on the Tap Platform and are rewards when farming Uniswap V2 tokens and staking for platform revenue
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