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BSC:0x154b34e9a88009592fcf2c559d0ab4cd000e223e content_copy open_in_new
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As the TRON website says: Boasting over 49 million accounts and 2.3 billion transactions, TRON is the world’s fastest-growing public chain. The core partner’s for Tron are Poloniex, Samsung, BitTorrent, Swisscom Blockchain, and Opera. TRX XXX token is proud to be a token that rewards in TRON. We hope this high (10%) reflections system will reward our holders to be engaged in our fun and respectful XXX-friendly community and help it to grow. A few members have already joked that when we reach 1 million market cap they might share some nudes in DM on Telegram. Many people have asked for the developers nudes. Well, that is not being promised and was not included in the “Dev is doxxed package.” What is being promised is we are doing everything we can for a promising first week of launch and ever-expanding use cases for this token. Thanks for being a part of our community and if you’d like to get connected please hop in our Telegram and let us find you a place to jump in and help! Let’s X
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Market Cap $0.162859
Price $0.00000000000162859
Total Supply 100,000,000,000,000,000T
Burned Supply 0
Circulating Supply 100,000,000,000,000,000T