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0xfaf9cc03c9855777fb56d02bc2bcb9d57e0755de content_copy open_in_new
BSC:0xfaf9cc03c9855777fb56d02bc2bcb9d57e0755de content_copy open_in_new
Status: Listed Votes: 630 Votes Today: 0 Network: BSC
Status Listed
Votes 630
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Network BSC
UrGaming is a project created to empower the gaming community, including content creators, event organizers and professional gamers. UrGaming will be a tool for these professionals to better monetize their careers and allow them to obtain better returns on their time through the creation of self-sustaining platforms that allow them to generate higher income. In the Utility Phase, we will begin by creating an online E-sports university. In this plataform, the gaming community will be able to buy private content from their favorite players and thus learn and improve their skill, we will also add a NFT Marketplace. Finally, in this Utility Phase, we will focus on game development, which will allow us to increase and consolidate the use of the UrGaming token, improving the growth of our community, as well as strengthening ties with gamers from all over the world.
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Market Cap $22,805.8
Price $0.0000000000456116
Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000T
Burned Supply 500,000,000,000T
Circulating Supply 500,000,000,000T
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